Whirls & Whatnot

Globally inspired unique treats.

Selling at the Cleveland Park Farmer's Market May-Dec

By order only in the off-season. See Order Form tab.


Three cookies with fillings

Torino Whirl

Delicate chocolate shortbread filled with bold espresso buttercream
& indulgent ganache

Price: $22 for 8

Three cookies with fillings

Viennese Whirl

Scrumptious shortbread cookie
filled with classic vanilla buttercream
& tart raspberry jam  

Price: $22 for 8

Three cookies with fillings

Dubai Whirl

Fragrant cardamom & almond shortbread filled with luscious almond buttercream & decadent date paste

Price: $22 for 8

Black Forest Whirl

Delicate chocolate shortbread filled with a distinctive kirsch buttercream and a vibrant kirsch-soaked cherry jam 

Price: $22 for 8


Cinnamon chip scone

Cinnamon Chip Scones

Golden-crusted scone chock full of cinnamon chips
& spices

Price: $28 for 8

Mini coconut loaf cake

Coconut Loaves

Mouth-watering coconut loaf cake drizzled with a delightful glaze & sprinkled with shredded coconut

Price: $28 for 8

ANZAC Biscuits

Traditional biscuit of Aus and NZ, with oats, coconut, and golden syrup.

Price: $11 for 12

Pulla Rolls

Finnish cardamom rolls - available with or without cinnamon in the filling

Price: $20 for 6/$40 for 12

French Apple Cake

Simple yet delicious cake bursting with apples and finished with a hint of rum

Price: $30 for 9 inch cake


Norwegian Cardamom bun

Price: $11 for 6/$22 for 12


Delivery/Pickup within the DC lines. Delivery fee may apply. Order minimums apply.

Contact us at megan@whirlsandwhatnot.com

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